Thursday, August 28, 2014

3 Toys to Keep Your Toddler Busy

My son has a lot of toys. I am not bragging. Period. I need the toys to keep him busy. I need them to keep my sanity! My son gets bored very easily. When he has a new toy, he tries to figure out what makes it tick and when he gets it, he moves on to the next one. I try to rotate his toys to keep him interested longer but it doesn’t work. We have, however, found a few toys that he loves to play with again and again. Here are some of them.


This is the Stack and Roll Choo Choo set from Fisher Price. This was a gift from Mama C. My son is crazy and I mean crazy about trains so this set gets a lot of play time. It’s a learning toy so that’s good in my book. I do my chores while he plays with this set.


This is the Count n Crunch Cookie Monster doll that I got for him as a pre-birthday gift. He absolutely adores this toy! At first he doesn’t like to feed Cookie Monster and just keeps the cookies to himself. Now that he is older (and wiser and kinder), he enjoys feeding Cookie Monster. He spends a lot of time playing with this and I use that time to check my emails.


Finally, this animal train set from MegaBloks. Like I said, he adores trains and there’s one big train in this set. It also has a huge elephant. He likes elephants too but he likes playing with just the train alone. Sometimes he gets the animals but for now, he is still pretty excited with the train. He plays with this set in the afternoons and I can take that time to lie down and watch him play on the floor. He spends around 30-60 minutes playing with all the toys I mentioned here. If something keeps my son busy for 5 minutes then I’m happy with that. This set is a birthday gift from me too.

I got him a bunch of birthday gifts because we decided not to have a party. First birthdays are big in this country but I think he won’t be able to appreciate a huge, elaborate party yet so my husband and I decided to just give him gifts that he will appreciate and play with for a long time.


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