Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back to School Shopping: College Edition

School has been back here in the PH since June but I know most of you readers on the other side of the globe are going back to your schools and universities this September. So, I thought I’d share some of my cousin’s hauls before she went back to school.

cat's haul 1

My cousin takes a lot after me. She just loves shopping. She likes fashion and beauty so it is no surprise that she got 3 pairs of shoes. The first two on top were on BOGO. The green one was on sale.

She also got some vitamins, nail polish and wet wipes from the drugstore. I think every time I go on a shopping trip with my cousin, she always needs to get some hair clips and ties.

A new candy bar just opened in the mall and she couldn’t resist. She already tasted the candy a few years back when I got her some from Singapore so she was really happy that we now have a branch in the nearby mall.

cat's haul 2

School supplies are not a problem because she only needed a cute notebook and some pens. She got this cute Hello Kitty mug from Japan Home Center. Rainbow Loom was all the rage back then so she got some to make accessories for herself and to sell some.

What’s a shopping trip without me getting a few things for myself and my family?

my haul 1

I got my son some wet wipes and shirts. Got a pack of shirts for my husband too. Our usual bottle cleaner was out of stock so I tried this one from Cradle. Big mistake. It’s too watery so it ran out fast. We also didn’t like the tutti fruiti smell. My husband said that it smells like Juicy Fruit Chewing gum.

I normally don’t buy other flip flops other than Havaianas or Ipanema but I couldn’t resist the bird print on this one. I also love the color plus I got it for half the original price. On the last photo are cord organizers from Daiso. I bring these when travelling.

my haul 2

I needed a pair of cheap sunglasses to put in my purse. It usually gets squished so I needed something that I won’t feel bad about in case it gets broken. This one is from Daiso too and it says it has UV400 protection. I hope that’s right. If it is, then I just got a great deal!

The makeup kit is also from Daiso. This is the one I am currently using. All the other things are from Daiso too. The pink pouch is something I use when travelling. It’s great for liquid toiletries. I use the cute plastic envelope to store some documents in. Finally, I needed a “home” top because I keep changing clothes day in and day out. I tried this one. It’s a bad purchase as the fabric is itchy. I wear it inside out. It’s that or I get rid of it.

I guess that’s everything we got.


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