Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Butterfly Flower Shower Gel

This was a gift from my beautiful friend Ahne. She knows I love, love, love bath and body products so I was very happy when I received this.


I’ve been taking them with me in my travels and I am very happy with them. I first tried the body butter. It’s hiding behind the bath lily. I use it every night before going to bed and every morning before leaving the hotel. Hotel ACs make my skin super dry so I need to slather on some lotion or body butter. The body butter is thick and smells wonderful. Actually, all the products smell wonderful. They have a flower scent that is not overwhelming nor overpowering. Ahne hates super sweet scents so I just knew this would smell wonderful.

I’ve used up the body wash in my last staycation. It’s also good. I’m not sure though if it leaves my skin dry or it’s because of the AC. Nevertheless, it was a great and convenient product. I have yet to try the lotion and the bath lily but I know they’ll be great as well.


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