Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Latest Daiso Finds!

One of the most read posts in my blog are my Daiso posts. So I think y’all will get excited about this one! I visited Daiso today to see what’s new and to make a list of my future buys (read: next week). I don’t like going to Daiso and just buy one thing. Mom says that I’m always there that it’s a surprise that I am still able to find stuff to buy. So, without further ado, I present to you my latest Daiso finds!


First is this alphabet tote bag. It’s just so cute! Your school kids can use this as a shoe bag or a bag to put their dirty Phys Ed uniforms in. When I was a school kid, I always had an extra bag for shoes and sweaty clothes. It keeps my other stuff neat and dry.


Whenever I’m in Daiso, I always need to check out the socks section. These are such adorable socks for your little boy! These are still too big for my son so I’ll pass.


The ladies’ socks are adorable as well. I’m liking the ruffles and lace. Will probably buy some before we travel again.


We’ve tasted a few snacks from Daiso and they were swell. I am crazy about nuts and I really wanted to try these but I have hives on my face today so I passed. My eye was swollen so my craving had to wait.


I found this cute container below the baby wipes section. You can put cotton balls, sponges, etc. in here. You can also use it as a vanity trash bin.


My sister got one of these bath brushes last week and she’s been using them everyday, twice a day! They are currently parked in the bathroom. So I guess it’s safe to say that she loves it!


I could really use these hanging organizers. You can put them on your wall or the door or in my case, the closet door of my craft closet. I will buy this as soon as the hubby fixes the hooks in my craft closet.


Pink monkeys!

This handy sealer is interesting. It’s battery-powered. This will be handy because we always have leftover biscuits and chips.


Tea and cakes, anyone? I photographed these utensils because I thought the shape and size were cute. I only noticed the jeweled handle when I came for a closer look. I will probably add this to my tea paraphernalia collection.


My son and I love crayons so this will probably be in my shopping basket soon. I like the slide-type mechanism because it keeps most of the crayon inside where my son can’t get to them.


I love notebooks for journaling and lists and ideas. When my stash runs out, I’ll be sure to buy these elephant and lion notebooks. My son is crazy about these animals.


The section for guys is not so bad as well. I’ve tried several gadgets and tools and they all work really well. As a matter of fact, I’m using the SD card to USB converter now.

This car mat is a bit thin but I think now that the rainy season is here, this is a great alternative to your usual car mat. Car mats are expensive. This one is a great bargain. You can just throw this away after you’ve overused it. I’ll probably buy some for our car.


How adorable are these trash bins?? I would use them as a gift wrap organizer. You can also use them as a wet umbrella bin. Very useful this rainy season. You can set this up in your entryway and no more wet floors!


All my regulars know that I am a sucker for cute makeup pouches and this one fits the bill. Love the rose design. I have an organizer from Daiso with the same design. I also have that green pouch in the background. I used it on a recent staycation.


Finally, this Hello Kitty Food Keeper. There’s gotta be Hello Kitty in my post, right? I would definitely buy this. Very useful for travelling.

So, there you go. I hope you found something useful in this post. By the way, here is their latest offer.


You can get this fleece blanket for Php188 for a minimum single receipt purchase of 350. The blanket is really soft. They have a sample out for your to touch and feel.

Enjoy your shopping!

P.S. I am in no way related to the brand. As a matter of fact, the staff was a bit suspicious of me photographing their items and they even photographed me while taking pictures! It was a bit funny. A big thank you to Ms. Melanie, as usual, and Store Manager Bong and the rest of the staff for being so accommodating.

All thoughts, photos and opinions are my own.


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