Sunday, August 3, 2014

Simple Skin Care for My Hubby Part 2

I’m sorry this part 2 took so long. I was waiting for my husband to finish his toner. I also wanted to observe his skin.


I took this photo in May but he didn’t immediately use this product. I think it was in June when he started using it.

He has oily skin and I can really see an improvement. He also had a few pimples before he started using this Clinique Watery Moisture Lotion. They appeared regularly on his chin and cheeks. After using this, the pimples faded one by one. It’s been more than a month and his skin has remained clear even with the pollution he experiences daily and with the stress he gets from work.

This is a simple product that works wonders for his skin. If you need a simple skincare routine for the men in your life, check out Clinique’s range for men.

You can read part one here.

*This is a sponsored post by Clinique. All opinions and thoughts are my own. Thank you Clinique and Ms. Anya!


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