Thursday, August 21, 2014

Two Cheap Products that are Super Useful

It seems that I have been blogging a lot about Daiso. I did several shopping trips back when it first opened and I found some really good stuff. I have been meaning to share them with you but I have been pretty busy lately as my son caught a stomach bug. Anyway, here’s one.


This is marketed as a feminine pad pouch but I found many useful things for it. Aside from feminine pads, I can also put other knick knacks from my bag in here such as cute tissues, lip balm, keys, etc.

My main reason for buying it though was to use it as a pouch for Blue Ice.


Blue Ice is a very useful product. I wish I had thought of inventing it. It’s basically just an ice pack which you can use over and over again. I keep one in the freezer for bumps and ouchies. My son is super active and bumps are pretty common in our house. I whip this out whenever he has a bump and he immediately stops crying. He likes holding it and putting it on his ouchies. I’m thinking of buying another one. It’s also super affordable at less than one hundred pesos.

I use Blue Ice when I get migraines. I also use it on my hives. It makes the redness and itchiness disappear. The wheals also heal faster.

If you’re a new mom, buy one or two of these and stock them in your freezer. They are so versatile and useful especially with active kids around. They are great for packing cold food too and lots of other stuff. You’ll never regret buying it.


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