Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Many, many years ago, I was super creative with my gift wrapping. When I became older, I got busier so I didn’t bother putting too much effort into gift wrapping any more. Now that I work from home, I can find time to be more creative again. Plus, crafting has become my outlet whenever I’m stressed. Here is a simple gift idea for kids.


My god son/nephew had his first birthday in July. I decided to give him 5 gifts for the 5 letters of his name. I wrapped each gift individually and stuck each of the letters of his name using hot glue. I bought the letters from the bookstore.


I also color coordinated the wrapping paper using white, gray and silver except for the first letter of his name. I used these colors to make them more “manly” as the letters are multicolored.

For the top portion, I used a doily and a silver cupcake holder and stapled them. I shipped the gifts to the province so suffice to say, they didn’t survive the trip. I have to think about my next strategy to help the gifts survive.


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