Monday, December 29, 2014

Another Impromptu Party (Very Affordable)

Back in August, my cousin, Cathy celebrated her 20th birthday. She actually didn’t have any plans for a big party but the day before birthday, we had a chat and decided to make a party happen. If you can remember, we also had another impromptu party for my son back in June.

I had a few hours to plan and I came up with this.


I made some mini sandwiches for the guests. I made the toppers, printed them and cut them using my circle punch (which I miss so bad because it broke).

I bought different chips and put them in these pink cups.



We didn’t have a real cake and I didn’t have the budget for it anymore so I decided to make these bars. They are Fudgee Bars which I dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled with nuts.


These candles are very cool. The flame is the same color as the candle.


I wasn’t able to taste this but apparently the guests loved it! They were actually asking for more!


My grandmother was so kind as to cook some fried spring rolls.


The birthday girl ordered some pizza.


We also made a photo booth. They printed “Cathy @ 20” and the date on some bond paper, taped them together and placed them on some boards. I made the flower fans. Her theme was Fairy. She likes to pretend that she’s a fairy queen. I also made some props using my computer, some cardstock, ribbons and a few craft supplies I have on hand. I used chopsticks for the handle. =D We had a lot of different props.

I already have all the supplies on hand, even the candles. I just made a quick trip to the supermarket to buy the ingredients for the sandwiches, the snacks and the faux cake.  I already have the pink cups. They are leftovers from my Valentine’s projects.

It didn’t matter that we had a cheap party. We had fun and we celebrated as a family. Some of her friends came over too so it was a great birthday for her. 


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