Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gift Idea – BFF (Drugstore Finds!)


I know tomorrow is Christmas but for all of you last-minute shoppers out there, here is a quick gift idea for your best gal pal.

I put together this on-the-go kit in just 5 minutes. I already have all the items on hand so it was easy for me. But you can simply just go inside your favorite drugstore and find all these.

You need:

a pouch
some bracelets or any accessories that you like
lip gloss
nail polish
eye shadow palette
pocket tissue

Make sure that everything is functional. You can go into Watsons and find all the items there. Mercury also has these with the exception of the bracelets.


Put them all inside the pouch and put in a gift bag! Voila, you have a gift that looks like you spent several hours in the mall looking for each piece.

Tip: Watsons regularly has promos where you can get a free pouch for a minimum spend. That’s a score because then, you wouldn’t have to pay for the pouch!

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