Monday, December 8, 2014

How to Get Things Done with a Toddler

I spend almost all my waking hours taking care of my son. I am fortunate that mom helps out for 3 hours each day. That’s the time when I do chores. After that, I don’t have any more time to work or do things for myself. My to-do list is getting longer and longer and I’m not getting anything done. So, one day I decided to just do it.


I needed to do file my receipts and of course, the little one decided to join in on the fun. He scattered all the receipts and paper on the floor. He finally found my Sharpies and that kept him entertained for a few minutes. When he got bored with it, I asked him to hand me the receipts one by one. I turned my work into a learning activity for him. I asked him to give me some specific colored Sharpies. I let him count the receipts. I asked him to hand me bond papers.

In the end, we did this:

We were able to file 6 months worth of receipts. Sure it was a bit challenging but I was able to get some work done and he thought we were just playing. He was also able to practice his Math skills and motor skills. I’d say this was a good job!


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