Friday, December 26, 2014

Mommy Must-Have – First Aid Kit

My son rarely gets a boo boo but I want to be prepared. There was one time when he put his fingers inside the fan. Oh, yes, he did that! I was able to pull it out immediately but the tips of his finger got hit by the blade and so he got his first major wound. I am very thankful that his doctor responds to text messages so I texted him if I can put the medicine I have on hand. He suggested another brand and it’s very effective. I forget what brand though but we still have some leftover.

Anyway,  after that incident, I was really thankful to have this kit around.


I got it at True Value for Php250+. It includes a few bandages, antiseptic wipes and antibacterial ointment. It includes some fun stickers to distract your kid while you apply first aid.


I used to bring it with me all the time but I have learned to relax a little and so I leave it in our car organizer. I am planning to buy another one to keep in our room. The case is plastic and is the size of a glasses case. Love it, buy it!

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