Sunday, December 28, 2014

Mommy Survival Kit

Back in October, my cousin gave birth. I decided to give her a Mommy Survival Kit. It’s a simple gift that I know she will find useful.


Again, I started with a pouch… and filled it with goodies.


I put some nail polish because I know she loves to get her nails painted. I put some antibacterial gel because new moms need to sanitize their hands often. I made the case out of Rainbow Loom. The candies are for a quick sugar rush. The cherry clamp is to keep her hair up while nursing the little one. The bracelet is to remind her to stay pretty even with lack of sleep. The green headband is for he little one.


I put everything inside and put it in a gift bag. I already had everything on hand so this was a very easy gift.


And that’s my version of a Mommy Survival Kit.

Tip: I collect gift items all year round so that I am never caught without a gift for unexpected events. If I see something nice and it’s on sale, I immediately buy it.


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