Saturday, December 6, 2014

Paris Delice (Delivery)

We ran out of rice a few days back and I was too lazy to go to the supermarket to buy some so we relied on leftovers. I got sick on Wednesday and I still wasn’t feeling well on Thursday so I decided to order take out. I remembered that I still had a Food Panda voucher so I went to the site. I was thinking Chooks to Go but then I saw that Paris Delice was also there. I’ve been wanting to try the food there ever since I saw the cafe being constructed on Makati Ave. Thursday was the perfect opportunity to do so.

I ordered the tuna baguette set meal.


It includes a sandwich, a drink of your choice (this is ice tea) and a dessert of your choice too (this is mango panna cotta, my son’s favorite). I also ordered some additional Pistachio and Choco-Orange Macarons.


The sandwich was good but I have to say that the bread was very delicious! I really, really liked the bread. I could eat it every day. On their website, it says that the breads are imported from Paris. Now I know why Parisiennes/Parisien can live on baguette alone.

They use less salt in their food to promote a healthy lifestyle. This was okay with me even though I really like salt in my food.


I couldn’t finish the ice tea. I think I only drank half.


I couldn’t take a clear shot of the panna cotta because my son was such an eager beaver. As you can see in the first photo, he already had his hand on the sandwich. Yes, my son likes food,

The panna cotta was okay. It was a tad too hard/chewy. I am used to light and soft panna cotta. That’s just mango syrup on top. It’s imported mango flavor. They should have just used local mangoes.


I didn’t like the PIstachio macaron because the filling was just like icing. I didn’t like it all. It was messy to eat. This was the first time that I encountered a macaron like that. The orange-chocolate was delicious! It had the right balance of citrus and chocolate flavors.

Now let’s talk about the delivery service. I was really surprised to see a French man deliver my order. I think he was also surprised because I greeted him in French. He handed me my orders on a tray and wished me Bon Appetit. Now that’s service! I think maybe he’s the owner but who knows.

Ordering from Paris Delice will take an hour. We live close to their restaurant but it still took a little more than an hour. It’s okay with me because I ordered early so the order arrived just in time for lunch.

We dined in the cafe tonight and I will talk about that tomorrow.


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