Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Simple Hair Care

My hair… Where do I even begin. My stylist said that my hair needs some rest. Giving birth and stress have wreaked havoc on it. It became weak. He refused to curl it. so I got a keratin treatment instead. Sadly, it’s not lasting as long as I want it to last. We figured it will last until around Feb but it’s only December and I’m getting frustrated with it already.

I am a very busy mom/wife so I have simplified a lot of aspects of my beauty routine. My hair included. Here’s how I manage it.


I use my trusted Denman round brush. This product is really awesome. I love it and I will probably buy another one to put in my travel bag.  I hate combing my hair but this brush makes it tolerable.

Next is the Dove Daily Hair Vitamin. At first I was afraid that it will ruin my hair but one day I was really frustrated so I used it. I got great results. Just apply like how they show you in the commercial. I can’t really say that I had a good hair day but it was better.


I’ll try using this daily or every other day and I’m crossing my fingers for better results.


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