Wednesday, December 24, 2014

This Cleanser…

is great!


I was allergic to Clean and Clear Products when I was a teenager. I saw this cleanser in one YouTube video or blog and I fell in love with how it looked. Yeah, I’m shallow like that.

I like the beads as well and I was intrigued. I thought I won’t be able to try it because it’s not available here. Lo and behold, after several months, I found it staring back at me in the supermarket. I immediately grabbed this bottle.

The scent is mild strawberry. The bottle says the beads pop on contact but they take some time to dissolve. I was really surprised that a drugstore product didn’t give me allergies or anything. The beads are not tiny but they don’t hurt my skin.

A bottle costs around Php140 and I’ve been hooked! It’s also available in lemon which I didn’t like as the scent reminded me of toilet cleanser.

IMG_0085 My son decided that he wanted to be part of the shoot and put random objects in the frame


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