Friday, December 5, 2014

Tiny Buds Diaper Rash Cream

My son does not suffer from diaper rash but I like to prevent them. He does get them when he is having diarrhea but most babies do. We have tried many brands and I have a few favorites. I needed to try several brands so that when one brand is out of stock, I have a replacement.

Here’s one that gets my vote.

I found this at Toys R Us. I was attracted to the packaging so I picked it up and read the label. I decided to try it even though we still had a tube of nappy rash cream left because it was affordable at only Php100+.


I also wanted to see if this claim was true. Well, if it’s just a mild redness/irritation then yes, it fades in minutes.


I would buy this again and recommend it if you are looking for an affordable diaper rash cream. I don’t like using this though for really big, red rashes. I use Mustela or MD Moms for those kinds of rashes. Tiny Buds is good for normal, daily changes.


As always, check with your pediatrician before using any new products on your little one.


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