Thursday, December 25, 2014

Toddler Activity – Play-Doh (24 Months+)

Hey everyone! Merry Christmas! How is your day coming along? Today I will be sharing with you one of our favorite activities in the house. Most of you want more toddler activity ideas so be sure to subscribe to my email list so that you can get them right in your inbox! I will be posting more of them soon!


Play-Doh is for toddlers aged 24 months and above but my son started playing with it when he was around 10 or 11 months, I  always supervise him whenever we play with it. From the start, I made it clear to him that Play-Doh is for playing and not for eating. Sure, he tasted it a few times but when he was satisfied, he stopped doing that. So, keep an eye on your child if you give him Play-Doh. If your child is still putting random things in his mouth, Play-Doh may not be a good idea. Browse my archives to find more suitable activities.


This is the starter set (which is a great gift idea, by the way). It’s very affordable at Php300. I had the same thing when I was a kid so I was excited when I saw this at Toys R Us. I told myself that my son has to have this.


It comes with a few accessories and 2 tubs of brightly colored Play-Doh.


I love Play-Doh because it forces my little one to use his imagination. We spend a lot of time playing with different colors, cutters, etc. This is an open-ended toy so the possibilities are endless. You are only limited by your imagination.


It’s also a great learning tool. I will share with you some of our Learning Through Play-Doh games and lessons soon.

You can use Play-Doh to teach about colors, shapes and simple objects and animals. It’s also great for finger and hand strength to develop his fine motor skills. It’s a great activity if you know how to utilize it. We have acquired quite a few sets already in the last few months. Even my husband got our little one a set from Hong Kong.

So, yeah! Play-Doh is fun for the whole family! If you have more toddler activity ideas, please share them in the comments below. Include a link to your site so everyone can visit it.


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