Friday, February 20, 2015

10 Things I learned In Iligan

I told you guys that we went on a work/vacation last weekend in the province. Here are 10 things I learned from our Iligan stay.

1. I’m allergic to dried danggit. (rabbitfish).

I thought that my allergies were contained to shellfish and tanigue. Here, I am able to eat dried tawilis and espada without any problems. Back there, I just tasted a little and I broke out into hives that lasted the duration of our vacation. I had to wear sunglasses the whole time as my eye and cheek were swollen.

2. Most comfort rooms that I’ve entered had no mirrors and trash bins. Mental note, bring a bigger mirror next time and be sure to bring plastic bags for garbage disposal.

3. Queuing is mostly non-existent. in the one mall I’ve been to.

4. You have to be either a very skilled driver or a mad man or both in order to drive through CDO and Iligan…. and I mean that as a compliment. I have the highest respect for the drivers there. I will probably never drive through that terrain.

5. Twin Pops are horribly overpriced!


I paid 35 pesos for this!

6. I should never let my husband pack for an impromptu outing. He forgot so many things. Enough said.

7. Parking ramps are super steep and scary.

8.My boy likes chicharon. CDO has arguably the best chicharon around with their Sler’s brand. My son loved it! He also loved the jingle and couldn’t stop dancing in front of the kiosk.

9. There is a snack made from camoteng kahoy and latik:


It tastes like fried sweet potatoes with sweet syrup.

10. I should bring more bubbles and Play-Doh next time. The kids demolished 2 tubs in just a few hours. As for the bottle of bubbles, gone in 30 minutes.


Stay tuned for more of our CDO/Iligan vacation.


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