Friday, February 6, 2015

Makeup Removal Just Got Easier

I was never a fan of makeup removal wipes because I thought that they were a waste of money. The ones available here are from The Face Shop, MAC and some other brand. They cost around 300 pesos and up. I thought you needed several wipes in order to totally remove your makeup so one pack will only last for a few uses. Then I discovered this:


These are the Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes from NIVEA. I trust this brand and I’ve been using their products on and off all throughout my life so I was looking forward to trying these wipes.

They didn’t disappoint! I only need 1-2 sheets in order to totally remove my makeup. It says on the package that it can remove water-resistant makeup. I haven’t tried that yet because I don’t wear mascara or liners anymore as I’m allergic to them but I believe these wipes will be able to do so because they have some kind of oil.

Since I don’t like the oily residue, I still use a regular baby wipe after the NIVEA wipe. At night, I still wash my face with Clean & Clear.

I decided to try these wipes in order to save time. You see, when we get home, I still need to do a ton of things for my son and makeup removal has become quite a chore. These wipes save me a few precious minutes which I can allocate to my son.

Lady E’s Tip

Never assume that your face is already totally clean by just using a makeup removal wipe. You still need to wash your face with your regular facial wash as this product cannot go deep into your pores. Do not sleep with clogged pores as you will most likely end up with some breakouts the next morning.

If you know another brand of makeup removal wipes that are affordable and work great, I would appreciate a shout out. Thank you!


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