Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mothers Need a Good Cry From Time to Time

When I was younger, I had so many outlets to choose from whenever I felt sad, depressed, angry, frustrated, etc. I had many sports and martial arts so stress from these emotions was not really an issue for me. Today that I’m a mom, I find it hard to release these emotions. Sometimes I wish I’d bought a punching bag so that I can give it a few kicks and punches. Sometimes I get so frustrated with my husband and son that I just want to scream at them or just leave them for a few hours. I don’t. Instead, I take a deep breath and walk out of the room to do some chores. When my son is asleep, I get a good cry. I watch One Born Every Minute to remind myself of the miracle of life…of how precious it is. Other times I drop on my knees and pray. I pour my heart out to God and feel better afterwards. I need a good cry from time to time in order to keep sane, to be able to do my mommy/wife duties and to be basically functional.

Today, one of my best friends is crying. She  lost her brother to cancer. It wasn’t a long battle. We were actually surprised to find out that his cancer has progressed so much that chemo won’t work anymore. Her brother has special needs and to be sick with this disease is so much harder because he can’t really communicate what’s going on. I will never know what my friend goes through right now but my heart and my prayers go to her and her family. This is a tough challenge for her but I know with God’s grace, she will overcome.

“You turn my mourning into dancing again, You lifted my sorrows. I can’t stay silent. I must sing for His joy has come.”


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