Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Different Lotions for Different Occasions

I don’t know about you but I like stocking up on toiletries. I just do. I like using different kinds for different times/days/occasions/seasons, etc. One of the things I stock up on are lotions. Today, I will share with you my 3 current favorites.



Let’s talk about each one. I already shared this Silk Vanilla Cupcake Body Cream with you sometime ago. This is what I use when I’m at home. It’s non-sticky and gets easily absorbed by my skin. My son also likes the cupcake scent. I don’t like applying heavy lotion/creams when I’m just at home because of the heat so this is perfect.


When I’m going out, I use this Olay Orchidee Body Lotion. I found this at Rustan’s Supermarket one day and thought I’d give it a try since I love orchid scents in toiletries. It’s pretty good. It says on the packaging that it provides 24-hour moisture. Well, maybe for some folks who don’t have super dry skin like I do. But, it’s a fairly good lotion. I just apply more. It’s thicker than the Silk Body Cream. It smells wonderful.


Finally, this Moringa Body Sorbet from The Body Shop. This is super light and feels really nice on my skin. My husband likes it too. He uses it from time to time when his skin gets too dry. I like using this when I’m running quick errands such as going to the neighborhood grocery. This is a great product for summer. I’m still thinking if I will repurchase as I’ve gotten tired of TBS products already. Maybe I will look for an alternative. Oh, this smells wonderful too.


So, there you go. Do you like changing up your products from time to time? What are your tried and tested favorites? Share!


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