Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Favorite Snack Brand is Here!!!


Followers of this blog and my food blog know that I love Calbee snacks! So, imagine my reaction when I saw this pop-up store today at the Old Glorietta Activity Center.


There was this Sumo Wrestling booth and this First Taste Selfie Booth below


I didn’t bother going to this booth as it’s not my first time to taste this snack.

Flavors and variants are limited here. They are probably still testing the market. Also, since this is in collaboration with Jack n Jill, I’m not sure if it will taste the same.

They are selling plush toys, shirts, tote bags (Php150), mugs (Php200), pens (Php75), folders, key chains, pencil covers and Calbee snack cup covers (Php60). Sorry, I don’t know the price of each snack. Mom and I got crazy and ended up with 4 bags! Yes, we’re crazy like that.


Here’s what I got.


These are cheddar cheese and sour cream, cheese, garlic and salt flavors.


I also got a cup cover and pink pen. I wanted to buy the mug to add to my collection  but it was too expensive for me.



The pop-up store will be there until tomorrow, Sunday. Check it out!

Update 3/16/2015: We tasted the Cheese Potato Fries and they're too salty for our taste. The fries themselves were good though. The garlic flavor was too garlicky for me. I probably won't be able to eat it on its own. Good thing I ate it with some tuna sandwich.


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