Monday, March 16, 2015

My Top Makeup Tools

must-have makeup tools

I have many makeup brushes and tools accumulated over the years through my makeup gigs, shopping trips and collections but there are a few tools that I must have in my vanity. These are my non-negotiables. I can always use my fingers to apply liquid foundation, eye shadow and concealer but for other things, I must use these.


First is this ELF blush brush. It is such an affordable brush but it really works well. Next, my Bobbi Brown eyebrow brush. I have tried several eyebrow brushes but this one is the best. Next is the Bobbi Brown orange brush which I use as a lip brush. I can apply lipstick with my fingers but a lip brush is essential for some lipstick shades such as red. Also, my mentor said that I don’t need to use a lip liner as long as I have a lip brush.

I also need this spoolie to groom my eye brows. I don’t apply mascara because I’m allergic so my Shu Uemura curler comes in handy.


I also need the MAC Girl Boy eyebrow shaper. It blends nicely with my color-treated hair.

These are my makeup essentials. I always reach for them every time I apply makeup. What’s yours?

my top makeup tools


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