Thursday, March 5, 2015

Our Going-Out Busy Kits

My son is very curious, very active and very impatient (like me) so I pack busy bags/kits wherever we go. Here is a sample of one of our busy kits.


This binder is the first one that I used. I got the idea in one blog that I read a few months ago. 


I bought 5 of these zippered bags and punched holes in them so that I can put them in the binder. I filled each bag with toys and activities. 


This bag had Play-Doh and molds. Play-Doh is a must-have in our house. 


Another bag holds these colored popsicle sticks and some shark figures. 


This bag holds laminated pictures and pompoms. I used these cards to teach my son shapes, colors, etc. I would ask him a question and he would put the pompom on the correct picture. 


This bag holds cars. Cars are also another must-have in our house. 


Finally, this bag holds stickers, markers, coloring sheets and his notebook.

We normally pull these out when we are waiting for our food in a restaurant. The toys and activities keep him busy. I change them up from time to time.

My mom complained that the binder was too heavy and bulky so I used this old zippered pouch that once held some linens (I think) for my son. 


I then edited again and bought a small tackle box at Daiso. I will post an updated busy kit soon.

If you have ideas for a busy bag/kit, I would love to hear them! Post a link in the comments section and I will feature them here!


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