Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My Baguio Haul

We bought quite a lot of things in Baguio. I was expecting to buy less this trip but I got really great bargains.

From the market, we bought several shirts for us 3, a blanket, a bottle of cashews and some pasalubong. I didn’t take a photo of them anymore. My husband also bought 2 big bottles of his favorite ube jam at Good Shepherd.

my baguio haul

My son always gets the bulk of the budget and it was no different this trip. I got him these books. He gets a kick out of the colours book.


My son loves busy books and vehicles so this is absolutely perfect! He loves this and we read/play with this every day.


This is another great sensory book. We also read this everyday.


These are Hello Kitty food picks which I couldn’t resist.


We are collecting these Chuggington Die Cast figures. Too bad they are already phased out in Manila.


Mom got me this Black Widow Hot Wheels. I am collecting these Avengers cars.


This is a super great find! I also have another one in Cars. My son finishes a couple of pages at a time and that gives me some peace.


We haven’t opened this book yet but I’m pretty sure my son will love it. He likes writing a lot. There’s another set of books that I bought which I wasn’t able to take a photo of. I’m keeping it in my stash.


Finally, this Monster Dairy Delivery truck. My son absolutely loves monster trucks and so we had to have this.

So, there you go! My Baguio haul this time was mostly from the malls as there was nothing new in the market.


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