Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our First Meal in Baguio

Our trip took 8 hours instead of only 6 because there were many construction works going on in Pangasinan and in Baguio proper. So, we were starving by the time we arrived there.

While mom was buying tickets for our return trip (yes, we do this so that we can be sure that we can go home on our preferred date), my son and I explored the bridge towards the hotel. The terminal is connected to Te Quiero, the hotel’s restaurant. We went back and told everyone that we should just eat there as I was also worried for my son. He vomited in the bus and he hasn’t eaten anything since.

Here’s what we ordered:


I ordered mango shake which arrived like this, with milk but it was super tasteless. I have no idea why the fruits in this restaurant are bland and tasteless. I asked for some syrup to add to my shake.


Mom ordered mango JUICE and it was served like a shake. Go figure. It was also tasteless.


My husband ordered this chicken sandwich with fries. He said that it was also bland.


I ordered some fried chicken with salad. The salad did not have any dressing except for some olive oil. Good thing there were some lemon slices. The chicken was also tasteless. I asked for some Knorr Seasoning and used that on the chicken and the salad.


Mom ordered this clubhouse sandwich which, you guessed it, was bland.

Sure our food was tasteless but we left with empty plates because we were too hungry to care. After that, we didn’t order from this restaurant again except for our breakfast which was included in our hotel package.

More on our Baguio adventure so stay tuned!


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