Monday, April 20, 2015

Saturday Fun at the Park

Note: This was supposed to go live last Saturday but our Internet was busted again for umpteenth time so I’m posting it today. We just had our Internet connection back.

Let’s take a break from my Baguio posts today as I’d like to share with you our fun Saturday!

saturday fun at the park

Our day started early as it’s my son’s monthly checkup. He got his shots today. We went back home to enjoy a feast. I’ve been planning on serving my family a hearty weekend lunch for days already. If you are a regular in my blog, you may know that Saturday lunches are always special and I make an effort to serve something very special too. I wasn’t able to take a photo of our lunch but it was a simple Filipino lunch. We had rice, fried salay (a type of fish), steamed talbos ng camote or purple sweet potato tops, some Korean-style bean sprouts, green mangoes and bagoong. My husband and I enjoyed the lunch. My son was still full from his formula but he ate a little.

My son took his usual nap while I finished reading my book. I also took a short nap because I know I’m in for an afternoon of activity.

We went to the park when it was no longer too hot. Here’s what I brought:


The yellow mat is our picnic mat. I will be replacing it as it has become too small for us. Bubbles are always a must. I’ve learned that not only does my kid enjoy it but the other kids as well. My son makes friends this way too. They all have fun chasing the bubbles. The Lightning McQueen soda can is actually a bubble maker. You blow into the straw and out come the bubbles.


I also brought along Dusty. This is a gift from my aunt in the US. It is remote controlled but the remote is very unique. They look like airplane wings which you wear on your hands. You can control dusty to lean to the left or right by doing the same movements  with your hand. Push the side button and Dusty runs. Unfortunately, Crophopper 7 cannot run on the grass so I wasn’t really able to enjoy him. My husband and son had to go to the concrete grounds in order to play with him.


I also brought the red ball up top. My son had fun playing with it. The other kids borrowed it as well. I brought a change of clothes and some face towels for my son. I learned my lesson the last time we were in the park.


I put them all in my trusty bayong which I got in Malaysia. This has been with us on many travels.


I wasn’t planning on a picnic as we were having dinner later but I saw that my boys needed a snack break so I went to Family Mart to get a few snacks. I got a very cold bottle of water which my son enjoyed very much. They ignored the lukewarm Hello Kitty water bottle that I brought. Next time, I will just rely on Family Mart. For the snacks, I got 2 Japanese snacks. The one on the right is a rice cracker snack while the other is a pack of Chocolate Panda Biscuits.  More on these soon.

We ended our fun day at the park with a dinner at Omakase. These photos were taken in a hurry as my son was excited to eat.


We ordered shrimp tempura, fried rice,


I had the salmon teppan…


California maki and my husband had beef teppan.


My son also asked for some orange iced tea which is not pictured here. The tempura was delicious although I would have liked the tentsuyu to be just a tad bit sweeter. My son ate all the tempura. My husband and I just had a couple of bites each. The little one also enjoyed my salmon, the soup (which is his favorite) and the maki.

The salmon was delicious too but I didn’t touch the vegetables. These Japanese veggie side dishes always give me a bad tummy ache. It came with a sour dipping sauce which I didn’t care for. I used shoyu instead.

The California Maki was a rush order. I forgot to order it and halfway through the meal, I remembered it so I asked the waiter if there was a California maki in our ticket. He said no but he would ask the chef to make a rush order. How nice!

The beef teppan was also delicious. The beef was tender. The only thing we didn’t like was the fried rice which had too much capsicums that it left a bitter after taste.

All in all, it was a great day! I originally wanted it to be a cheap fun day but we all know that Japanese restaurants are expensive. Nevertheless, it was the perfect experience to top off a perfect day!


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