Friday, May 1, 2015

Cutex Nail Polish and Caviar Beads

cutex nail polish and caviar beads

When I gave birth, I had absolutely no time for manicures anymore. So, I decided to stop buying expensive nail polishes and just stick to the drugstore. No sense in buying something expensive and just letting it dry up. I found this set at Watsons one day while I was doing my regular shopping.


I really like the color and the caviar beads were really interesting. They are Ciate knock-offs.


It’s pretty good, actually, for a drugstore brand. I also like that the polish is free of formaldehyde. DPB and Toluene. It’s toxin-free and it’s enriched with Keratin to strengthen and care for the nails. I think it beats my old expensive nail polishes in that area.


The caviar beads lasted longer than I expected so this set was a pretty darn good buy. I think this was only Php165. The nail polish also lasted almost a week given that I do a lot of house chores. So that’s plus points. I will definitely buy more colors!


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