Monday, May 18, 2015

Daiso Food Review and a Mini Haul

I have to admit that I am very reluctant to buy food from Daiso unless it’s a brand I know. Luckily, they carry several brands I am familiar with.


My son is crazy about these Japanese marshmallows. My husband loves marshmallows too so I got 2 packs.


They are individually wrapped which is perfect because I can control how much they eat.
*Marshmallows are a choking  hazard. My son is quite the expert at eating them but I still watch him carefully whenever he eats one. He likes popping the whole thing in his mouth. Sometimes I cut them up into fourths but he hates it when I do that.


We really liked these chocolate filled biscuits. They are a great quick afternoon snack.


These are my favorite rice crackers. I used to buy them at Hatchin but then Landmark carried them. They are more expensive at Landmark though but at least I don’t have to go out my way to go there. Then I found them at Daiso. At first they were sold at Php88 but the last time I went there they were priced at Php150!

These are salty so I only give my son 1 or 2 pieces.


I couldn’t resist these Mickey fans. They are useful in this heat, anyway,


Those are the designs.


Finally, I just had to have this mug because I have the matching plate.



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