Monday, May 4, 2015

Earth’s Best Organic Crunchin’ Grahams


Are you looking for a healthy snack for your toddler? My toddler constantly eats so I have a stockpile of snacks for him. Here’s one I discovered at Healthy Options.

These are honey sticks so don’t give them to a child below 1 year old. There is a danger of botulism. Honey is a no-no for babies 0-12 months.

Honestly, what attracted me to this product was Elmo. My son adores Elmo. Then I saw that these are graham sticks and I remembered that he liked them so I got a box.

My son loved the tiny sticks. Don’t be fooled by the photo. They are actually small sticks. I wish I could show you a photo but I couldn’t find them and these sticks are long gone.

They are a bit hard though so it’s best to give them to a toddler with lots of teeth and biting/chewing experience.


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