Friday, May 29, 2015

My Favorite Summer Shower Essentials

Summer in Manila is ter-ri-ble! If you don't have AC, showers are a great savior. Here are my current favorites.

This is a scalp brush. I use it daily with shampoo. It prevents build-up and gets rid of dandruff. 

Olay face products don't agree with my skin but surprisingly, their bath and body line does. This is my favorite body wash. This is refreshing cucumber and green tea. It has good moisturizing properties. 

I need to transfer it to a pump bottle so my husband wouldn't complain. The bottle and brush are from Daiso, by the way. 

Finally, this body wash from Herbal Essences. This is just so good! It feels really nice on my skin and smells really fresh, perfect for summer!

What are your summer shower essentials?


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