Sunday, May 3, 2015

S&R Best Buys

We love to shop at S&R. It’s like a family outing every time we go there. Here are two of my best buys from that wonderful membership store.


I have scolio so my back hurts from time to time. I need good support. Also, I’ve had vertigo and migraine problems in the past and my neuro suggested that I sleep on 2 pillows. That worked for a long, long time. After giving birth, the pillows did not work anymore. I don’t know what happened but something changed in my bone structure perhaps that 2 pillows give me a backache and some neck pain. I found this Memory Foam pillow from the Martha Stewart Collection. It has Martha’s name on it so it has to be good right?

Yes, it was good! This pillow is heaven-sent. I no longer get backaches and neck pains. It’s so good that my son and I fight over it! He likes sleeping on it too! He also likes sitting on it and playing on it and so on.

This one is for back sleepers. I’m a side sleeper but it works fine for me. There is another pillow for side sleepers but it’s from another brand. I know Martha better so I made a gamble with this one. Thankfully, it paid off!


Another great buy is this set of Bio-Oil. I love using this for my stretch marks. This is my favorite stretch mark product out of all the ones I’ve tried. ‘Nuff said.

What are your favorite S&R brands? Yeah, aside from the roasted chicken, that is. = )


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