Monday, June 15, 2015

3 Simple Activities to Keep Toddlers (and Improve Motor Skills)

I love coming up with activities for my little one. I look for things in the house that we can use. I also keep my eyes open whenever we are at the bookstore, Daiso and toy stores.

Here are a few activities I've come up with.

Twisting and turning is a great skill for toddlers to learn. It helps their hands and fingers get stronger and also helps them with coordination. This is a cheap set that I got from the department store. 

Another simple activity is using clothespins. These are Mickey Mouse clothespins. There are so many things you can do with these. For now, I will share one with you. 

My son likes to line them up like this. I put them in a tin box and he uses the cover as a stand. 

He also likes connecting two together and says it is a motorbike. I will feature more activities when I get the time to actually prep for them. He is more creative in playing with these than I am. Be careful though as the pins can hurt little fingers. He's had his share of ouchies but I let him be so that he can learn from his mistakes. 

Finally, painting with water colors. My son just loves this activity. He likes to mix the colors altogether. I don't mind. I can clean each pan with a wet wipe afterwards. He also already knows the concept of how watercolor painting works. I give him his coloring book to paint. Warning: This activity can be very messy so prepare for it. 

I hope you liked these activities. Try them with your little ones. If you want more posts like this, please subscribe to my mailing list to get the latest right in your inbox. 


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