Thursday, June 4, 2015

Banapple Lasagna Roll-Ups

We seldom eat at Banapple because of the line and there is almost always no available table inside. We prefer the Ayala Triangle branch, by the way. One afternoon, we were lucky enough to get a table. I ordered the Lasagna Roll-Ups

The portion is big so that explains the price a bit. They are also generous with the sauce. The  bread was okay. My son liked it. The lasagna itself was delicious although the herbed cream and Parmesan cheese filling  was a little bit overwhelming for someone who is not a huge cheese fan. If you like cheese, you will probably like this. My son and I were able to finish one roll-up. We brought home the other one for my husband. I love the tomato meat sauce though. I could just sop it up with the bread and I'd be satisfied. Make sure that you order a drink with this to cut the cheesy factor. What's your favorite Banapple dish?


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