Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Food Panda Delivery - Papa John's

From time to time, I rely on food delivery for our meals. Sometimes I just get too tired or overwhelmed with my task list that I need a break (or help). Getting a break from cooking in this terrible summer heat is always welcome.

For this instance, I relied on Papa John's to deliver lunch.

Papa John's is touch and go for me. Sometimes I like their food, sometimes I don't. The cheese sticks above are a favorite. It actually looks like a small cheese pizza. 

I forgot what the flavor of these chicken wings are. I love chicken wings but I didn't like these. My son also ignored them. 

This is a crab pasta. I'd say this was okay for the first few bites but then it went downhill from there. There's an annoying flavor that I can't pinpoint. My son loves white sauce but he didn't care much for this. Oh, yeah. That's kani. 

Food Panda has a great range of restaurants to choose from. However, the delivery time is always a turn-off. The minimum delivery time is usually an hour and for us, that's too long. We often decide to have food delivered about 30-45 minutes before the actual meal time so this setup can be problematic for a mom and a hungry toddler. If they can improve their delivery times, perhaps I will use Food Panda more. 


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