Tuesday, June 2, 2015

IsaDora Gel Nail Lacquer

This was a gift from my best friend Ahne. This is a set of top coat and nail lacquer from Saudi.

The brand itself is from Sweden. I'm not familiar with it but according to Ahne's friends in Saudi, this is a good brand. I had the good fortune of trying it out for myself. And yes, they are right! 

This has got to be the best nail lacquer I've ever tried. The directions on the box say to swipe one coat of the pink lacquer then wait for 3 minutes. Apply one coat then wait for another 3 minutes. Apply the top coat and wait for 3 minutes. When my timer rang, my nails were dry and done! So yeah, I was excited but the question was, will it last? With my busy schedule and long list of chores and mommy duties, my nails looked decent for a week! How awesome is that? I've also tried the top coat with other brands of nail polish and it works just as well. However, the staying power is not as great as this duo.

I know my best friend will be reading this so Ahne, please send another top coat my way if you still have some in your stash for Christmas! Love you and thank you for this awesome gift!