Sunday, June 14, 2015

TimHoWan, At Last!

TimHoWan has been open in Manila for quite some time now but it was only last month that we were able to dine there. We were turned off with the long queues.

This is the menu which also serves as your place mat. The menu is very specific and limited. They do have seasonal specials though. 

If I'm trying out a Chinese restaurant, I always order hakaw and siu mai/siomai. I guess these are my benchmarks. 

The shrimp dumpling above was good. It had a generous serving of shrimps inside. I would have loved it with soy sauce and calamansi though. They only serve soy sauce in the restaurant. I'm not sure if they have calamansi though as I never ask. 

These are Baked BBQ Pork Buns which are my son's favorite. They are too sweet for me but my son can demolish 1 and a half in one sitting and he is only 1 year old. 

This is also another favorite of ours, the chow mien. It's just a simple pancit. Very flavorful and affordable. 

This is the siomai which I really didn't like. I'm sorry to say this but I like Hen Lin's better. 

I know this is a Michelin star restaurant but for me, the food is just okay. There is nothing spectacular about it. Even my husband's friends in Hong Kong are not big fans. They said that it's just over hyped. We eat there from time to time when my son asks for 'siopao'. That's what he calls the BBQ buns. The prices are very affordable so don't be afraid to try if you haven't yet. Service is also quick.  Let me know your favorites.


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