Thursday, June 11, 2015

Toddler Activity: Pegs and Play-Doh

We have two sets of pegs and a ton of Play-Doh. One afternoon, I came up with this activity for the little one.

It's such a simple activity. You need pegs, a tub of play dough, a roller and a tray to control the mess. 

I just rolled out the dough and put one peg up. My son got the idea right away and followed suit.

When he got bored I got his shape sorter bits.

This is such a simple activity but my son enjoyed it. It kept him occupied for almost an hour! When he got bored with the shapes, I got his dinosaurs and made dinosaur tracks. The possibilities are endless!

He had so much fun with this activity that until now he still asks for it from time to time. 


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