Thursday, July 2, 2015

Beads and a Starbucks Bottle - Toddler Activity

I have a large collection of beads because I design and make bead jewelry. I was very active before hence the large collection. Nowadays, I still make some for myself and for gifts for friends and family. Not wanting to let the beads just sit in their cases, I let my son play with some of them. 

He plays with them in a number of ways. Sometimes he hauls them in his trains. Sometimes he sorts them. And sometimes, he does this. 

He gets all the beads that he likes and puts them inside this Starbucks bottle. It's that simple. This activity strengthens his fine motor skills and sorting abilities. He also gets pretty creative with it. Sometimes he puts all the fish beads and says that it's an aquarium or the fish are swimming. 

This activity is a choking hazard so be sure to keep an eagle eye on your child at all times.


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