Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fun Finds at Shopwise

I like Shopwise because they've got great bargains every week but I seldom go to our local branch because the commute is such a hassle. I also don't like the long lines. However, there are times when I just really need to grab something. Such was the case one Sunday morning. During my rounds, I found these:

My son and I are big Crayola fans. I thought that it was just like the ones in the mall with only 2 items inside. 

Upon closer inspection, I found these:

 A set of brushes, perfect for our art time.

Glue sticks for craft time.

And a Pip Squeak! I was so happy to see this because the Pip Squeak alone costs around Php250 and the whole box was just priced at Php299!

I also found these decorative tapes which I first saw at SM. I think a pack costs Php89. They are not like washi tape. They have a different texture. They are perfect for my planner. 

I couldn't take a decent photo of them because my son keeps taking them, saying they are his "treasures".

These are such great finds! I wonder what I'll find next. 


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