Monday, July 20, 2015

Ganso Shabuway

For my son's birthday lunch, we opted to eat at Ganso Shabuway. Shabu-shabu is a new experience for my son. His birthday was a day of new experiences.

We got the beef set for two.

These are the soups. The one on the left is spicy but my son can tolerate it. I think the one on the right is wakame based. There's a soup base that tastes like water, according to the server. I think it's the seaweed one. I originally wanted that but she warned me. Thanks!

These are the sauces. The condiments are shown in the photo above. I like the peanut sauce better. 

I ordered extra veggies. I didn't know that one set already came with a lot of veggies.

I also ordered extra Narutomaki and kani.


This is the vegetable and noodle plate that came with the set. 

I totally forgot to photograph the beef so here's a half-empty (or full) plate. 

We all loved this lunch. Even my son enjoyed the different vegetables and seafood. Oh, I forgot to mention that this set also came with 2 servings of rice. I paid a little over 1,000 pesos for this lunch which is okay based on the quantity and quality of the food served. Service was also great. They even gave my son a birthday buco sherbet and greeted him a happy birthday. We will definitely come back for more. 


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