Saturday, July 25, 2015

Moms, Recycle Your Kids' Broken Crayons

We have a ton of crayons. I have a secret stash that I go to whenever I need a prize for my son for when we visit the doctor or barber. We have many broken crayons and instead of throwing all that money away, I decided to do this:

I got one of my silicon muffin pans which I got for the bargain price of Php66 and put the broken crayons in each pan. Make sure that you remove the paper wrapping first. I didn't want to use the oven so I put this in a deep pot on the stove and covered it. I put the heat on low and let the crayons melt for about 5 minutes or so. I let it completely cool and they came out looking like this:

My son had a blast with these crayons. He couldn't believe that these round discs were actually crayons. 

Unfortunately, because of this, he figured he'd break all his crayons so that I can make more. I made a second batch which I will share with you soon. 

These are perfect gifts for little hands too! Just put them in a clear bag, tie with a ribbon and give!


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