Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pre-School Plates

Here are more ideas for your pre-school menu. My son has greatly decreased his appetite. He is already at that stage where his body does not need much food. According to our pedia, this period is from 18 months and will last until 36 months. 

My feeding strategy is still the same. I offer him different kinds of food and just let him eat whatever he wants. I have accepted the fact that I will only rarely get clean plates at meal times now. He used to wipe out his entire plate in no time. Gone are those days. I also added more snack times to our days so that he can eat whenever he feels hungry. Remember, kids will never allow themselves to get hungry so if your child does not seem to eat, let him be. He knows his body best.  

corn and carrots // mashed potatoes // chicken nuggets

peach cubes // a brownie // mac n cheese

cherries // fried rice // good old H20

cheese squares // brownie // SpaghettiOs

cran-rasp juice // crunchy chickpeas // tuna sandwich

Here are the crunchy chickpeas:

 You can get the recipe in my food blog but it still needs a lot of tweaking.


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