Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trying Banana Leaf Again

I've been craving Malaysian food in the weeks leading up to my son's birthday. Good thing there's a Banana Leaf restaurant near our hotel.

The first time we ate there, we didn't like it. Their food lacked flavor and I thought the prices did not justify the taste nor the serving. This visit was different, however. I ordered takeaway and here's what we got.

Of course, I needed my Nasi Lemak. This was good but I didn't like the chicken part. They only have dark meat which makes me break out into hives. But it satisfied my craving!

The coconut milk rice was in abundance. So much for a single order. 

This is for my son which was recommended by one of the staff. These are prawn and cheese balls. My son liked them. I tasted one and it was good. 

This is Tom Yum which my husband did not like. It's sweet and only has 2 shrimps. It was all soup. Totally not worth the price. 

I don't have anything good to say about these spring rolls. I really did not like them. No one liked them actually. Sorry about the photos. Our hotel room was so dark.

I have another post about Banana Leaf coming up so stay tuned for that!


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