Thursday, August 13, 2015

Energy Snacks

I used to just eat 3 meals a day but when I got pregnant, I knew I had to eat more. So, I stocked up on snacks. If you are looking for some energy food, check these out. 

These two products are from Malaysia. My sister got them for me. My son and I love nuts. We like snacking on them and pistachios are high up on our list. The bag of pistachios above is really affordable in Malaysia. Here in Manila, they are super expensive. 

Another energy boosting snack are these Milo Nuggets. We're all familiar with Milo. You just chew these but they taste just like the drink. The actual product does not look anywhere near those perfect nuggets on the photo. They look like random blobs of chocolate. Nevertheless, my son likes them. I do limit his intake though. I only give him 3-5 nuggets and they are a mix of big and small. 

Check these out the next time you are in Malaysia. 


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