Monday, October 5, 2015

Hey, Busy Mom! Get Ready in a Flash with these Tips

When I was younger, it would take me an hour to take a bath, get dressed and basically get ready before going out. Now that I'm a mom, it takes me even longer to get ready, not because of my beauty routine but because I need to prepare my son's things aside from my own things.

This is especially hard when we need to prepare for church and our doctor's appointment. So, I made a few changes to my routine and I'd like to share them with you today.

First, get organized.

My grandfather used to tell us, "A place for everything and everything in its place." That kinda stuck with me growing up. I'm not perfect but I try to organize as much of our stuff as I can. (And with a preschooler, that's kinda hard).

I make sure to have a place for everything so that when I am in a rush, I know where to grab things.

Put essentials close together

Instead of running around all over the house, I group going out essentials in one area. I can prepare and pack the sippy cups, milk, water, snacks and straws in just 5 minutes.

I plan our outfits the night before

or at least take them out of the closet. I don't like ironing clothes in bulk. We only iron them when we need them. I decide what I'm going to wear and what my son is going to wear the night before. Come morning, I only need to iron the clothes. Sometimes I also try on the outfits first to see if I'm comfortable in them. This way, I don't have to do a "fashion show" in the morning.

Have a go-to outfit

I like skirts so when I'm in a rut, I just wear a skirt and a shirt. Other times I just wear jeans and a polo. These are my no-brainer outfits.

I get our bags ready

You know how it is when you have a child. You basically pack half your house or in our case, our room. I like being prepared. Although my son is older now, we still carry a big bag for him. It's filled with toys and activities plus the usual diapers and extra clothes. I also bring snacks, water and milk.

I get this bag ready in the evening. I also get my own purse ready. I need to change purses from time to time depending on my outfit and where we are going and who I will be with. If it's just my son and I, I need a bigger purse. I leave his bag because it's impractical for me to carry two bags and chase after him.

Before leaving,

I make a final visual sweep of our room to make sure that I have everything I need. It also doesn't hurt to make a list ready for times when you have too much going on in your plate. Stick this list on your command center and mentally check it before leaving the house.

I hope these tips were helpful! They have made my life easier and less hectic.


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