Friday, October 16, 2015

Zac's Meals

I avoided this kind of post for a while because I was burning out. I just fed my son the same food that we ate. There's nothing wrong with that really but I like making an effort to prepare my son's meals. He also likes variety as I've mentioned many times before. So here's me, giving myself a kick to crawl out of my rut.

scrambled eggs//ham//dried cranberries//English muffin with sandwich spread//cheese triangle//chocolate milk

For snacks, I had homemade granola and he had pumpkin seeds.

cubed pears// rice// sizzling tofu // yakisoba

snack - mixed nuts and raisins

apple cubes // Honey Bunches with Oats

Watermelon cubes // hash

breadstick // watermelon cubes // corned beef and ham macaroni soup

Vienna sausage // buttered fish English muffins // cranberries // eggs 

breadstick // creamy chicken and stars tomato soup served with Thomson grapes below

I hope you found inspiration for your little ones!


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