Monday, January 4, 2016

5 Things You Can Do Tonight to Sleep Better

Sleep is a necessity and not a luxury but in today's world, it is slowly turning into one. You need sleep in order to function well throughout the day. The recommended is 8-9 hours but it depends on you. I am fully rested after 7 hours of deep sleep. Kids ages 2-4 need 14 hours of sleep.

Are you having a hard time getting some quality sleep? Try these tips tonight and lull yourself to dreamland in no time.

Bedtime ritual

Kids love routine especially at bedtime. After dinner, they brush their teeth, wash up, change into their jammies and read a story with mom or dad then it's lights out. If you always have a busy day, you should try making a soothing bedtime ritual. It can be as simple as cleaning up, reading a good book and then sleeping. You can also turn off all your gadgets and have some "Me" time. Whatever it is that helps you relax, do it. 


I do not like lights turned on when I sleep even if it's just a night light. If you're the same, be sure that all sources of light (laptop, phones and tablets included) are turned off so that you can have a peaceful slumber. 


The right pillows are important. You don't want them too soft or too hard. If you are not getting a peaceful sleep, your pillow might be the culprit. 

Some people have special needs. I need a special pillow to support my back. If you can afford it, invest in a good pillow that will help you sleep better. 


Some people swear by the scent of lavender to help them sleep. I also find it relaxing. You can light a candle for a few minutes before sleeping or you can get a room spray that smells like lavender. You can also try lotions and pillow sprays.

Check out this chart from hellowglow:

Drink something warm

Sometimes, all you need to do to relax is to drink something warm like a cup of tea, some hot chocolate or even milk. Avoid coffee as you won't be able to sleep. There are many brands of teas in the supermarket that will help you sleep better.

Dump your thoughts

I know this is number 6 so just consider it a bonus tip. Sometimes, a thought keeps you awake. Get a journal, a notebook, a piece of paper or even your gadgets and write your thoughts. Putting them into writing will clear your mind. You always have tomorrow to get back to your notes. For tonight, you need to sleep so that you can wake up with a fresh perspective. 

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