Monday, January 11, 2016

Cheap Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Husband

A lot of things happened last year that wiped out our savings. We are a one-income household so this is really hard for us financially. Since it's the New Year, this is also a fresh start for us to grow our savings again...and that means being creative with dates and spending quality time together. There may be some of you in the same boat that's why today, I'm sharing the few ways we spend time together without making our wallets cry.

Have a feast in bed

Many of you know that I cook a lot at home but on days when we miss eating out, I whip up something special for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Like this one:

This is homemade beef tapa with all the works. I never cook homemade tapa so this was really special. 

My husband loves burritos. This is the first time I attempted to make some and it was a success. This lunch was really special as not only did my husband love it, my son enjoyed it as well.  This is an adobo burrito.

If you're tired of cooking, maybe you can ask your husband to cook for you one Saturday for lunch. Even if it's just corned beef from the can, you know it's special because of the effort and love that he put into making it. 

Movie Marathon

We love watching movies but since I got pregnant and gave birth, our movie dates have become rare. So now, we just buy DVDs and have movie marathons at home. If we don't have the budget to buy DVDs, we surf the cable or have a movie party with our son. We have the Cars, Planes and Minions movies. I get some ice cream from the freezer and some chips from the pantry and we have an instant party!

Play Video Games

My husband and I were huge gamers when it was just the two of us. We would save up and buy new PlayStation games almost every 2-3 months. On Friday nights, we would stay up super late until we finish a game. We love adventure games such as Prince of Persia, LOTR, Tomb Raider, etc. Some of these games are one player based so we take turns.

Do Chores Together

Yes, you read that right! Believe it or not, my husband and I bond over the long holidays by rearranging our rooms, getting rid of old stuff and trash and doing DIY projects together. Just last Christmas holiday, we were able to get rid and donate a ton of stuff and rearrange our bedroom and playroom. We gave the iPad to our son and got to work. We were able to spend many hours together figuring out how to clean up the mess. We now also do the laundry together. I do the washing and he hangs the clothes to dry. I used to do everything and after that I'd be dead tired. Now that he's helping me  I still have the energy to do other things on my list. 

Window Shop

On Sundays, after church, we have lunch (at a cheap place) and then just roam around the malls, looking at shops, appliances, gadgets, books,  things, etc. We just window shop. Sometimes we would buy our son a snack and then go home. 


We like to cuddle. Sometimes I sit on his lap for a few minutes and we stay quiet. He would stop fidgeting with his phone and just hug me. After that I go back to whatever it is I was doing and he goes back to his games. 

Lie Down and Talk

This is probably one of the best ways we bond. When my son is asleep, we also lie down and talk. We talk about his work, our plans, etc. We basically just catch up. My husband doesn't talk a lot. Heck, he doesn't even text when he is in the office so these moments are precious. Communicating with your spouse is a great way to bond. Sometimes we talk for 10 minutes, sometimes 30 but no matter how long or short, we still both enjoy these sessions. 

The key to enjoying your cheap moments is sharing an activity that you both like. Spending time together is not all about romance. It's also a time to catch up, to connect, to talk and to listen. 


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