Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Crafter's/Homeschooling Mom's Daiso Haul

I go to Daiso every week to buy kitchen towels and to see what's new. One weekend, I found a few items that I can use with my crafts and our homeschool. 

This is just a simple pillow net for drying pillows. Of course, this will not be used for my crafts. I saw this and I thought it would be handy as I wash our pillows weekly on a rotation. 

How cute are these popcorn and fries notepads?? I use them for our sight words. You can see how I use them here

These are paper chains but I use them for our scrapbooks. You can also use them for planner designing. You can also use them to count down special occasions such as birthdays, Easter, Christmas, etc. Just remove one strip from the chain each day.

Finally, these craft containers which I use to corral our art stuff - rhinestones, paper strips, cut up straws, etc. 


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